The port of Åhus – Facts and figures

Total length: 1,595 m
Max. draught
7,6  m approx. 310m (bollard 32-41)
Vessel length Max. LOA 145 m
6,5 m approx. 825 m (bollard 32-1)
Vessel length Max. LOA 130 m
5,9 m approx. 260 m (bollard A-H)
Vessel length Max. LOA 95 m
Vessels with LOA 130-145 m,
Max. wind speed arrival 8 m/s
Max. wind speed departure 10 m/s

Container terminal
Stacking area: 22,000 m2
Storage Capacity: 3000 TEUs
Maximum lifting capacity, cranes: 45 tons 

Bulk terminal
Quay length: 1 100 m 5 cable cranes on rails.
Max. lifting capacity 25 tons

1 Siwertell screw-type unloader 


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Storage area:
Total storage surface: 56,000 m2
Uninsulated: 51,800 m2
Insulated: 4,200 m2

Navigable dredged channel:
Length: 1.2 nautical miles
Width: 70 m
Depth: 8.5 m

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